Art Workshops

Atelier de Pratique Artistique et d'Histoire de l'Art en français

FRENCH WORKSHOPS Combining educational and creative practice


At the Alliance Francaise of Greater Phoenix

AFPHX is proud to introduce you to Catherine Couanet, French Professor of Visual Arts who is going to be teaching two new Art Workshops for both adults and children. Combining theory and art practice, Catherine will take you in a travel in History of Art and will help you discover or develop your inner creative self!

Important: These workshops are in French.

Catherine speaks both French and English and will make you at easy whatever your level in each languages is. Scroll down for more info on the workshops or on Catherine! 



Kids Workshops - Open!

  • Theme : "Learn how to draw and express yourself through Art and French"
  • 4-week workshop
  • 1h once a week 
  • Exhibition of art work at the end of the workshop


Every SATURDAY at 11am!

Adult Art WorkSHOPS

  • Theme : "Representation of Women in Art over the Centuries."
    • From Ancient Greece to nowadays, how has the representation of women in art shaped the social and aesthetics aspects of the French and Western Culture?
  • 6-week workshop in group of 4 people minimum
  • 1h30 once a week 
    • 45 min of theory
    • 45 min of art practice
  • Exhibition of art work at the end of the workshop
  • Private workshops and "A la carte" options offered
  • $25 of administrative fees if somenone wants his money back before the end of the session (for personal or business reasons)

Every saturday at 1pm



About Catherine Couanet

OUI xat4.jpg


  • 2009 | Paris 8 University, PhD with honors in Aesthetics and Arts Sciences:
  • 2004 | Paris 8 University: Master’s Degree with honors in Aesthetics and Arts Sciences
  • 2002 | Ministry of National Education: Tenured Professor of Visual Arts
  • 2001 | Master’s degree in Art Education, with honors – “Agregation”
  • 1997 | National and Superior School of Fine Arts, Master of Fine Arts, (Ecole      Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris)


Teaching Experiences

  • 2017 | Professor of Art at ASU, Arizona State University, School of Art, Herberger Institute For Design And The Arts, Phoenix, Arizona - USA
  • 2015-2016 | Ministry of National Education: Professor of Visual Arts, France
  • 2010-2013 | Paris 8 University: Professor of Visual Arts & Process of Creation
  • 2009-2013 | Paris 8 University: Professor in Aesthetics of Photography
  • 2005-2013 | Maison de Solenn-Maison Des Adolescents, Paris: Art teacher for teenagers hospitalized in mental health institution. National Cause, Ministries of Health and Education


Some of her publications

  • 2014 | “Subjective Goals,” Le Nouvel Observateur magazine, Hors-Série Janvier, Paris
  • 2012 | “Gender in Photography,” Contemporary Photography & Contemporary Art (Photographie contemporaine & art contemporain), Klincksieck, Paris,
  • 2011 | “The Sensitive Body of the Image” (“Le corps sensible de l’image”), in Psycho Media n°29, Paris
  • 2007 | Politics of Photography (Politiques de la photographie du corps), Edited by Catherine Couanet, François Soulages and Marc Tamisier, Klincksieck, Paris
  • 2007 | “Artistic Practice needed for teenager”, Conference proceedings Art and Culture sharing (Art et culture en partage), VSART, Palais du Luxembourg, Paris