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Scottsdale Film Festival 2017



The new session of the Scottsdale Film Festival will take place at Harkins Shea 14 Theater.

The upcoming dates are Thursday, November 2nd through Monday, November 6th, 2017.

More information to follow !




Screening - 11/3 & 11/6
Director: Lisa Azuelos
Summary: Born in Egypt into an Italian family, Dalida (real name Iolanda Gigliotti) was one of France’s most famous singers from the late 1950s through to the 1980s, and became a legend in the disco boom. The stylish biopic follows Dalida’s tragic private life and singing career which also saw her sell 170 million records worldwide. DALIDA is magnificently melodramatic and brimming with stunning musical moments and near to perfectly replicated costuming.



Screening - 11/3 & 11/5
Director: Etienne Comar
Summary: France in 1943 during the German occupation. Every night, guitarist and composer Django Reinhardt delights Parisian audiences with his witty, life-affirming ‘gypsy swing’ music. While many other Romany people are finding themselves the target of racist persecution and being murdered in concentration camps, Django believes himself to be safe due to his popularity – until agents of the Nazi propaganda machine demand that he goes on tour to Germany in order to counteract the influence of ‘negro music’ from the USA. Django Reinhardt refuses. A Parisian admirer helps him, his pregnant wife and his mother to hide out in a village close to the Swiss border. But when they try to cross Lake Geneva into Switzerland the family is pursued by the Nazis. DJANGO is the portrayal of an unconventional artist and free spirit whose life was as improvised as his music.



Screening - 11/3 & 11/6
Director: Nicolas Silhol
Summary: Emilie is a bright young workaholic manager in Human Resources, working for a huge French agro-food company. Ambitious and dedicated to her job, she is a good soldier, ready to put ruthless methods of management into practice to meet the higher-ups' requirements. But, one day, one of the employees commits suicide at the company in front of her. Afflicted by the terrific death of her colleague, she will eventually realize that the company has to take its responsibility too. While an investigation in underway, stuck between her traumatized colleagues and under pressure of a powerful hierarchy, she will have to get by on her own.



Screening Screening: 11/4 & 11/5
Director: Emmanuelle Cuau
Summary: In this fine, French, neo-noir film the suspense steadily builds as a single mother struggles to make ends meet. While she looks for gainful employment to keep the wolves at bay, her oldest son falls in with a gang of criminals and leads the wolf pack straight into their lives. Before she even knows what’s happened the entire family is entangled in a web of deceit and lies. Will she be able to protect her family, or are they fated for a life of crime, or worse?



Screening: 11/3 & 11/6
Liliane was once “Laura”, a rising star in the singing world, who had her moment of glory when she finished second in the 1974 European Song Contest behind Abba. Today, everyone has forgotten her brush with fame, and she works in a meat factory. But when she meets Jean, a 21-year-old boxer, her dreary life is suddenly turned upside down. He falls in love with her, and convinces her she should make a return to the stage.