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Au Coeur de Mai - exhibition & Film at the AF

Au Coeur de Mai

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The AF will be hold an exhibition & Film event about "AU COUR DE MAI"

The volatile period of civil unrest in France during May 1968 was punctuated by demonstrations and massive general strikes as well as the occupation of universities and factories across France. At the height of its fervor, it brought the entire economy of France  to a virtual halt. The protests reached such a point that political leaders feared civil war or revolution; the national government itself momentarily ceased to function after President Charles de Gaulle secretly fled France for a few hours. The protests spurred an artistic movement, with songs, imaginative graffiti, posters, and slogans.

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"May 68" affected French society for decades afterward. It is considered to this day as a cultural, social and moral turning point in the history of the country.

Date & Location

Friday November 2nd at the AF location - 6:30Pm

$10 member - $15 non-member

Wine reception and Q & A

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