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Philippe Guinet founder of the organization will be visiting our Alliance Francaise chapter


  • Thursday, April 26 - evening for students AF only
  • Friday, April 27

. 2pm - 3pm "L'art de vivre a la Francaise"

. 6pm - 8pm "Lectures Gourmandes" followed by a reception

These two Friday's events are opened to our public, by RSVP ONLY (480) 948-0728 At the Alliance Francaise location - $5/member and $10/non-member

  • Saturday, April 28 -  for AF staff only

 9:00pm to 11:00pm "De la voix à la Parole" 



Les Passeurs de Mots / Philippe Guinet

The purpose of our interventions is to participate with French Teachers’ Associations and professors, Universities, the French Alliance and Cultural Institutes to contribute to the success of their pedagogical projects which favor the expansion of both French language and culture.

Our mission is also to adapt our interventions to each cultural and economic identity, to share the constant linguistic intermixing with students and adults, to enlarge the influence of the French language through the words of authors both from the past as well as contemporary authors. We lend our support to teachers of French as a foreign language with our oral expression training workshops.

Through written and oral expression we aim to give a new voice to French in order to expand Confidence and Citizenship for each participant.

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Born in Paris in 1954. After having studied Classic Liberal Arts at the Saint Luc Institute in Tournai, Belgium and Graphic Arts and Advertising I became interested in the History of Letters and Civilizations. Having passed the competitive entrance exam, I left for Switzerland to study at the Roman University of Typography, acquired degrees in classical civilization and art history, and the Applied Arts School ( ECAL) in Lausanne.

My first encounter with travel literature was thanks to the travel writer Nicolas Bouvier. As a neighbor to the University, he visited us from time to time to discuss subjects including the French language, his travel correspondence and his collection of short stories so well illustrated by his travel diaries.

Thanks to his book “L’usage du Monde” I discovered the precision of words and the desire to encounter others.

1976, My Moped and I took to the road from Lausanne to New Delhi for a gap year of discovery: You need to return home to understand the importance of your personal journey which brought you towards what is essential- naked authenticity. Coming home is the hardest.

1978, Press photographer for ABC News Europe, Reporter, Image Bank…On the war front, photo  journalism is totally unscrupulous, worse than grave robbers, we bring out death in nightmarish proportions. Exploiting every trick in the book, every pretense, every trap door. Winners are losers and we play the game until we have lost our own souls- sometimes forever.

1981-2003, Vice-president at IPS Communication (250 employees)

Communication and Corporate Publishing Agency-where words and image serve corporate and advertising needs

1990-1995 Communication Advisor for the Secretary of State for Francophone

Encounter with Alain Decaux and Mrs. Michaux-Chevy where I learned that 200 million people in the world speak French.
Attended the Francophone Summit, The Salon du Livre de l’Outre-Mer…I met with the network of French Cultural Institutes, French Alliance and International Universities.

1999, Association Les Passeurs de Mots

Creation of this Association in order to promote oral expression and transmission of the French language in many forms: Vocal work, photography, dance, theatre…

Training Workshops, live performances, oral expression contests, self-esteem building through oral expression, personal development. Helping others become aware of their personal value, the individual leans heavily upon the group and vise versa in order to achieve personal and group dynamic awareness. The French language is both vessel and passenger through oral expression.



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French Riviera Sax Orchestra
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