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How about learning French or perfecting your skills ?


The Alliance Française of Greater Phoenix offers classes all year long distributed in 4 major sessions:

  • Winter,

  • Spring,

  • Summer I and II,

  • Fall.

We also provide Private & Semi-Private classes as well as advanced level of Business French.

I decided that I wanted to learn French and I chose Alliance Française since I wanted to take lessons at a reputable school with international recognition. I took private lessons with Hilary, she is so nice and very knowledgeable about the French language. She is a well rounded teacher who helped me to go from knowing absolutely no French to being able to hold a basic conversation in a short period of time. I recently moved and will have to continue my French lessons at a different AF but I’m glad I have a working knowledge of the language now. Merci beaucoup Hilary and AF!
— Jenine Smith - Student
Je veux remercier L’Alliance Française pour l’opportunité de participer au cours de ‘Business French’ avec le professeur M. Claude Bobin. Le professeur avait préparé 6 sessions riches en matériaux spécifiquement choisi pour mes intérêts d’affaires. Ce cours m’a énormément aidé avec la connaissance de la langue française des affaires et en même temps j’ai beaucoup appris sur la culture, l’histoire, les coutumes, les diffèrent régions de la France, et les développements scientifiques, commerciaux et marketing en France.
— Xiomara Smith - Student
In preparation for taking the ProFluent+ test provided by ACTFL, I contacted the Alliance to schedule a few Skype lessons. The lessons en tête à tête with M. Bevali were exceptional. Packed with diversity of content that pushed me to improve in all areas of communication, I could not have been more pleased. Today I received my score from ACTFL. I was awarded a recognition of “High Advanced” for my level in French, the classification just below Superior. I greatly credit the Alliance for this success and I would highly recommend lessons with any of their staff whether you are preparing for a test, an interview, or just for growth and development. Du fond de mon coeur, je remercie l’alliance française de de m’avoir aidé à réussir cet examen, et surtout un grand remerciement à M. Bevali !
— Max Welshinger - Student


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