Sebastien Richard


Sébastien Richard is known for his scenes of daily life as well as for his landscapes. His work is classical; his touch contemporary. During his childhood, he spent a number of years in artists’ workshops before pursuing his studies at an art school in Paris. There, he learned numerous techniques, including hand-drawn mapping, using a fountain pen. This enabled him to develop a precision that he now blends seamlessly with his talented work using a palette knife, which he appreciates for the spontaneity of each stroke.

His first exhibition was in 1993 and he has not stopped painting since then. In 2001, he began to gain recognition throughout his country as his work appeared in various galleries and exhibitions. On several occasions he won People’s Choice awards.

Sébastien Richard does not try to shock or jolt the viewer with works out of tune with his own character. Instead, what he likes above all is to interpret the emotions he feels when he first observes his subjects, and then present them like a gift on a blank canvas. Without any doubt, his subjects reflect the image of the artist himself. Indeed, he is a contemporary yet timeless soul; continually evolving and growing through his art. He paints our daily lives, our planet … from Provence to New York by way of Egypt or tropical islands … then steps back to allow us to enter his universe.

Through these life changes he has gained experience that enhances his work. “The artist must not remain in his comfort zone. The evolution of his body of work is necessary and he must strive for balance”, says Sébastien.

Lately, he travels frequently to California, where scenes of daily life inspire him; the exploration of motion becomes his new quest. Characters come alive; the picture is no longer a single image but a moment of life. S. Richard continues to paint with a palette knife but he also uses a brush that gives a softness to the skin of his characters. Blue is often present and light permeates his large format canvases.

We join the artist at play and our imagination is imbued with the moment he gives us. 2015 rings in a new visual direction for Sébastien Richard.

Elaine Phelps


The Alliance Francaise of Greater Phoenix is pleased to introduce you to Elaine Phelps.

The Opening of the exhibit will will be held at the Alliance Française, on  Friday, May 11, from 6-8pm. Elaine Phelps will be here to welcome you. Cheese and wine reception to follow.

Elaine has been involved in the arts all her life. She began as a dancer. Her love of literature led her to the study and the writing of poetry.

After a B.A. in French and another in Spanish she pursued her master’s degree in humanities. When she isn’t working in her art studio she is searching for unusual materials or traveling the world in search of inspiration.

The Lascaux caves in France and the souks and medinas of Morocco provided the inspiration for the exhibition here at the
Alliance Française.



The figure represents for a Elaine a feeling
of spirit made manifest, the goddess and god in us all. The spirit of the animals on the walls of the caves of Lascaux, even across the millennia, speak with great power and feeling. They needed to leave Lascaux and
live among us.


"I was the shadow of the waxwing slain by the false azure in the window pane."

Vladimir Nabokov

Lea Noble

Lea Noble

Exhibit "FULL CIRCLE" 


The Alliance Francaise of Greater Phoenix is pleased to introduce you to Lea Noble.

The Opening of the photography exhibit will will be held at the Open House on Saturday, March 10th, 2018, from 9am to 12pm. Lea Noble will be here to welcome you. Our exhibit will be followed by a croissant and coffee reception. 

Lea Noble photography explores season, repetitive line, and water -  all metaphor for life and death itself. The peeling rust on a boat, a wall dripping with mold can become things renewed, an abstract Phoenix. The circle of life and death goes on creatively. Lea Nobles art represents reincarnation, renewal and life coming full circle.

Every picture at $125! Come to the AF!

About the Portrait work- 

Lea’s recent Portrait Work discovers her subject - like the gemologist, she excavates a persons true essence to discover their uniqueness, their rarity. Strength of character in an otherworldly scene create the modern, meaningful portrait for which she is becoming known.  



Lea Noble has a BA in Film and Tv in and has worked as an set artist in the film industry for years. Her creative work has been seen on every major Tv station and in print magazines such as Vogue. Her new photo exhibit, Full Circle, displays images representing the cycle of life. They are a conglomeration of images taken around the world.


Date & Location:

Alliance Française location

14415 N 73rd St

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Saturday, March 10th

9am  - 12pm

Cindy A. Moses

The Alliance Francaise of Greater Phoenix is pleased to introduce you to Cindy Moses.

The Opening of the exhibition will take place on Friday December 1st, 2017, from 6pm to 8pm. Cindy Moses will be here to welcome you. Our exhibit will be followed by a wine and buffet reception. 


In 2005 Cindy Moses left California, moved to Ohio and decided to take up painting again. In the past she has painted landscapes, cityscapes, portraits and still lives, but she was not entirely satisfied, she wanted to differentiate her work from other artists. She began to look at the world around her and found familiar scenes that she wanted to capture; scenes that tell stories of everyday life and how people interact with those around them.   

Cindy Moses calls her artwork a, “Moment in Time;” moments that capture the Twenty-first Century and the familiar moments in our day to day world. They are frozen moments depicting people living everyday lives. These moments are all around us, but too often bypassed, overlooked, or unnoticed. By preserving these images in her paintings, the viewer is reminded there is a life going on all around them. In every painting there is usually a person or a couple that she focused on and they start the story for her painting.  For example sitting in an airport she sees a couple and imagine their life story. She wants those stories to be reflected in her paintings.    

She paints in acrylic instead oil, because oil paint takes too long to dry and even acrylics make her wait.  She paints in layers, putting on a base coat and building it up from there to add depth to her subjects and their surroundings.  Light, shadows and reflections also interest her and those elements show up in many of her paintings. She draws her inspiration from other artists like Edward Hopper, Andrew Wyeth and even illustrators like Norman Rockwell. 

checking the paper.JPG

Dr. Meryl P. EPSTEIN

The Alliance Francaise of Greater Phoenix is pleased to introduce you to Dr. Meryl P. Epstein.

The Opening of the exhibition will take place on Friday December 1st, 2017, from 6pm to 8pm. Dr. Meryl P. Epstein will be here to welcome you. Our exhibit will be followed by a wine and buffet reception.  


Dr. Meryl P. Epstein is an educator and creative artist with an EdD in Educational Leadership, an MFA in Fine Art (photography) and BFA in Graphic Design. She currently teaches graphic design courses for the Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division as well as works and teaches for the University of Phoenix, School of Advanced studies. DR. Epstein, previously served as the Dean of Academic Affairs for the Art Institute of Phoenix and worked on the design teams that opened three local museums (SMoCA, Arizona Science Center and Arizona Historical Society). She is award winning designer/artist, an AIGA Fellow and an exhibit artist.


Lucretia TORVA

The Alliance Française is pleased to introduce you to Lucretia Torva, professional painter in Phoenix, AZ. 

The Opening of the exhibition will take place on Friday September 22nd, 2017, from 6pm to 8pm. Lucretia Torva will be here to welcome you. Our exhibit will be followed by a wine and cheese reception. 

Diamonds in the Sun, oil on canvas, 48 x 30

Diamonds in the Sun, oil on canvas, 48 x 30


Born in central Illinois, Lucretia grew up in Glasgow, Scotland and Grenoble, France. She attended a French public school, learning French at a great age to learn a language, 6-9! Her family traveled extensively and she experienced many great landmarks and artworks in person. She knows her traveling at an early age is an important influence on her love of art and history. 


After receiving her MFA from the University of Illinois, she taught college art and art history for a few years. Lucretia moved to Phoenix in 1997 and have been a self-employed "artist" since 2000. She uses the term loosely since making a living at painting entails a lot of faux finishing and murals in kid's rooms! 

It's only been in the last 5 years that she has been making efforts to become involved in the Phoenix art scene. She has a mural on the front of Alwun House and was chosen for a light rail mural (McDowell/Central) for the Wayfinding project. New murals are to be seen at the Foundre Hotel and ion the side of AltaFilmore apartments downtown. Her work has been on display at Chartreuse, Unexpected and Gallery 9, all along Grand Ave. Lucretia has a mural panel as part of the Phabulous Phoenix Experience on display at the Arizona Historical Society Museum at Papago Park. 

She creates a lot of custom work, helping bring her clients' vision to life. Her custom work runs the gamut from portraits, cars (of course), abstracts and plenty of murals, both indoors and outside. The latest large project is 3 oversized murals for Desert Rose Steakhouse in Glendale.


Dodge MOPAR mural, 2 walls, each approx 15x10 ft

Dodge MOPAR mural, 2 walls, each approx 15x10 ft


The Alliance Française is pleased to introduce you to Maya Kaleem, professionnal photographer. She will organise the exhibition "The Seeker / Le Chercheur" at our Alliance Française office in Scottsdale.

The Opening of the exhibition will take place on Friday June 16th, 2017, from 6pm to 8pm. Maya Kaleem will be here to welcome you. Our exhibit will be followed by a wine and cheese reception. 

Maya Kaleem was born and raised in  Hungary and has lived in various countries such as France and the United States. 

After her studies she worked as a marketing consultant for some companies and she also worked as an artistic project manager.





In addition to her experiences, she participated to several exhibitions in different countries, in particular: 

- the Hungarian Cultural Centre - Balassi Institute in London, UK from March to May of 2017 for the exhibition "Sculptures come to life",

- the National Museum of Mathematics (MOMATH) in New York, NY.




If you want to visit her website, please click on the button:


Francine PRISTON

Francine Priston is born in Paris, France. She is gratuated from the University Superior of Paris Decoration Art where she was a student of Edouard Mac'Avoy, work famous portraitist.

She taught Art at St Croix College, near to Paris and was a fashion photographer assistant during the 1970's for Jean-Pierre Ehgner. She is also a member of the European Fine Art Academy.

Francine Priston has created the "Atmosphere" Art Exhibition and has been the director of this exhibition during the 1980's and the 1990's. She exhibited her art and won many prizes and medals in many exhibitions in different countries, such as:

  • Silver medal at the International Grand Prix de la Baie des Anges in Nice, France in 1975,
  •  Gingerbread, Key West, Florida in 1977,
  • Silver medal at the Art Expo Coliseum in New York in 1980,
  • Silver medal at the Osaka International Festival in 1980.

If you want to contact her: / (480) 588-6214.



Francine Priston is painting on oil canvas but also on glass. For her, "color is a visual emotion, the more you look at it, the bigger the emotion becomes". Color is permanent expression of herself.

Francine Priston is painting on oil canvas but also on glass. For her, "color is a visual emotion, the more you look at it, the bigger the emotion becomes". Color is permanent expression of herself.



As a child growing up in Antwerp, Belgium, Hermine Philippe-Van Mele was surrounded by art in the form of Gothic cathedrals, Renaissance mansions and many art museums. When she came to the United States in 1966, she started taking watercolor classes in South Bend, Indiana. Later on, Hermine studied watercolors, drawing and art history at the University of Western Connecticut in Danbury, CT. While living in Atlanta, GA, She took classes from Greta Schelke, a well-known watercolorist from the Netherlands, and participated in exhibitions of the Roswell Fine Arts Alliance. After moving to Scottsdale, she took oil painting classes with Hedi Moran, Susan Diehl and Joshua Fallik at the Scottsdale Art School. Hermine exhibited at the Mayo Clinic and the ASU Gammage auditorium several years ago.

She has a preference for the style of the Old Masters of the 17th century, as well as the Impressionistic style of painting. Exploring the interplay of colors, light and shadow fascinates her. Still lives and landscapes have therefore been her mains subject matter. She enjoys painting because every new painting presents a new challenge and a new opportunity to achieve something beautiful. As the French painter Edgar Degas said, "Art is not a matter of what you can see, but what you can make other people see.



Born in Belgium, Fredy has lived in the US since 1996. His studies and his job offered him the possibility the travel and visit a variety of countries; something he always enjoyed. Since 2001, he has lived in Arizona, a state he loves for its beauty, its vast landscapes and its variety of climates.



Fredy has been a photographer for a long time, but it is only recently that it turned into a real passion. It is a hobby that helps him to appreciate nature even more. The most important part of his work is capturing colors and feelings.



After relocating to Scottsdale, following a career as owner of a public relations firm in Florida, Judy Feldman decided to pursue the artistic side of her creative right brain.  She began oil painting in 1997. Classes include workshops at the Scottsdale Artists School and Scottsdale Community College. At the latter, she has studied with Gloria Gaddis and Robert You.

“My work reflects the influence of the post-impressionist and fauvist artists. The interior landscapes I paint are vignettes that focus on vivid color and interesting shapes. I strive to create a certain mood, as well as an element of whimsy in these works.”


Judy Feldman’s color-saturated canvases overflow with exuberance and things to discover. Some of her paintings are concentrated around the imaginary habitats of one very special dog, Cleo, who is often featured in her sometimes exotic, scrumptious interiors and garden scenes. Cleo – or another four-legged creature - is usually not the focus of Judy's paintings, but an attendee to the scene residing in the luscious surroundings. Still life paintings are another subject she enjoys to convey her love of form and color.


Judy Feldman’s work can be found in numerous private collections. She is represented by the Wilde Meyer Gallery, with locations at Marshall Way in Scottsdale, as well as in Tucson. In 2011, she was the selected artist for the printed materials and auction for “An Evening with Friends,” the annual Arizona Cancer Center fundraiser. Two of Judy’s paintings were chosen for permanent exhibit at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. She has been featured several times in Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine, and selected to participate in several group shows at the Herberger Theater Art Gallery and the Shemer Art Center; as well as exhibits at the ASU Gammage Theater, the Kerr Cultural Center and the Broadway Palm Dinner Theater. Judy has been an eight-year recipient of the Vortex Award for Literature and Art of Scottsdale Community College.