Cindy A. Moses

The Alliance Francaise of Greater Phoenix is pleased to introduce you to Cindy Moses.

The Opening of the exhibition will take place on Friday December 1st, 2017, from 6pm to 8pm. Cindy Moses will be here to welcome you. Our exhibit will be followed by a wine and buffet reception. 


In 2005 Cindy Moses left California, moved to Ohio and decided to take up painting again. In the past she has painted landscapes, cityscapes, portraits and still lives, but she was not entirely satisfied, she wanted to differentiate her work from other artists. She began to look at the world around her and found familiar scenes that she wanted to capture; scenes that tell stories of everyday life and how people interact with those around them.   

Cindy Moses calls her artwork a, “Moment in Time;” moments that capture the Twenty-first Century and the familiar moments in our day to day world. They are frozen moments depicting people living everyday lives. These moments are all around us, but too often bypassed, overlooked, or unnoticed. By preserving these images in her paintings, the viewer is reminded there is a life going on all around them. In every painting there is usually a person or a couple that she focused on and they start the story for her painting.  For example sitting in an airport she sees a couple and imagine their life story. She wants those stories to be reflected in her paintings.    

She paints in acrylic instead oil, because oil paint takes too long to dry and even acrylics make her wait.  She paints in layers, putting on a base coat and building it up from there to add depth to her subjects and their surroundings.  Light, shadows and reflections also interest her and those elements show up in many of her paintings. She draws her inspiration from other artists like Edward Hopper, Andrew Wyeth and even illustrators like Norman Rockwell. 

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