About Catherine Ross

Born in the Bootheel of Missouri, 1947 to a French war bride mother and returning WWII GI, Catherine Ross is a hands-on learner. As a child successful education came in forms of international and domestic travel, camping, and living within the budgetary means of the family.

A career in art education spanning 40 years is the foundation of Catherine’s artistic inquiry. The move from classroom to studio filled with its challenges and joys mirrors the move from the Northwest to the Southwest. 

BA Art Education, University of Washington, Seattle,WA

MEd Curriculum Design, Lesley University, Cambridge, MA

NBCT, 2005- Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood 

Artist Statement 

Foundationally my work is about relationships viewed in a metaphorically visual manner. The simplicity of life intrigues, bewilders and amazes me. When examined, it is no longer simple but a complex and evolving entity.

Used found objects...from yarn to sticks to CDs challenges the notion of artistic. Good design/composition is not based on expensive materials from my point of view.