specialty classes

Discover our specialty classes that are adapted to a specific need you may have. 

Plan to travel to France and need to have some French notions for enjoying your trip? Have business trips to France or need to communicate in your job with French people? 

We may have the right class for you!




The class is designated to help you learn essentials to enjoy a trip to France: understanding cultural differences between French and American people, ordering in a restaurant, dealing with hotel accommodations, knowing road signs, and road driving differences with the U.S, etc.
Take the most of your trip by being prepared! 

The class runs every Thursday from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Registration is on a monthly basis (for 4 classes).
The class needs min 3 students to start.

Next class will start on January, 4th.

Price: $120/month (4 classes)



Need to do business with French-speaking people?

Learn to communicate efficiently with your business partner or colleague by knowing the vocabulary adapting to your needs. 

Class runs every Thursday from 6 to 8 pm

Registration is on a monthly basis (for 4 classes). 

The class needs min. 3 students to start. 

Next class will start on January 4th.

Price: $120/month (4 classes)